Latest News

Welcome to Samah Ahmed, who will be joining the lab as an MSc student!

Congrats on receiving the International Graduate Student Entrance Scholarship, Samah! Samah will be working on using single cell sequencing and GWAS to gain insight into the genomics of hearing loss traits.

Welcome to Urim Iyasere and Vaibhav, who will be joining the lab as summer students!

Congrats on receiving the CancerCare Manitoba Research Institute and Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba (CHRIM) Undergraduate Summer Studentships!

Congratulations to Sarah Lyle for completing her Genetics Honours project!

In addition to Sarah completing her Honours project focusing on the genetics of polycystic ovary syndrome, we are also thrilled that Sarah will be staying on in the lab as a Co-op student!

To celebrate everyone's hard work over the last couple of months we took part in a Heist

Thanks to some very clever people in the lab, we successfully completed this escape room game (despite “helpful” contributions from the PI)

Welcome to Danielle Johnson, who will be joining the lab as a Mitacs-Globalink UK-Canada PhD exchange student!

Danielle will be joining us remotely from the UK to perform a systematic review of the use of polygenic risk scores in the field of pharmacogenomics.

The Drögemöller and Wright labs receive Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowships for their Graduate Training and Collaborative Research in Neurogenomics and Precision Medicine application

This funding has been provided to support a collaboration between the University of Manitoba and Stellenbosch University in South Africa to develop (i) a genomics analysis pipeline for the improved diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases in Manitoba and South Africa and (ii) workshops aimed at training graduate students in Neurogenomics & Precision Medicine at the University of Manitoba, Canada and Stellenbosch University, South Africa.

MacKenzie Sarvis is officially the first graduate student in the Drögemöller lab!

MacKenzie will be working on developing a polygenetic risk score to predict chemotherapy-induced ototoxicity (hearing loss) and using drug repurposing analyses to identify otoprotectants to prevent this debilitating adverse drug reaction.

Welcome to Sarah Lyle, who will be joining the lab for her Genetics Honours project!

Sarah will be using transcriptome-wide association analyses to identify genes that contribute to polycystic ovary syndrome.

Welcome to MacKenzie Sarvis, the lab's first student!

Excited to have MacKenzie Sarvis join the Drögemöller lab as a summer student