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The Drögemöller Lab finally attends our first in person meetings!

Congrats to Samah who did an awesome job representing us at the University of Manitoba Otolaryngology Research Day, while Dr Drögemöller debated the value of polygenic scores for pharmacogenomics at the joint Pharmacogenomics Global Research Network Meeting and Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium Meeting in Denver.

Congratulations to Bilal Cheema for completing his Genetics Honours project!

It was great to have you join the lab and we wish you all the best with your future endeavours!

Welcome to Feryal Ladha, who will be joining the lab as a summer student!

Congrats on receiving a CancerCare Manitoba Research Institute Summer Studentship!

The lab goes bowling

It was great to get out and celebrate everyone’s hard work over the last couple of months!

The Drögemöller and Wright labs hosted a Precision Medicine Workshop in South Africa as a part of their Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowships

This workshop was made possible through funding from Stellenbosch University and the CADPF. The workshop provided an overview of current genomic analyses and resources of relevance to pharmacogenomics and precision medicine.

Congrats to Samah for being awarded a Rady Faculty of Health Sciences Graduate Studentship!

Samah will be exploring the use of new phenotyping strategies to uncover genes and pathways underlying age-related hearing loss

The first article from the Drögemöller Lab is out!

A great start to 2022, with the publication of our first article! Under the joint leadership of Danielle, MacKenzie and Sarah, we performed a systematic review and analysis of the current use of polygenic scores in pharmacogenomics

We have had a busy month of conferences!

Congrats to MacKenzie Wilke and Sarah Lyle for representing Canada at the Pharmacogenomics Global Research Network Meeting and both receiving top abstract awards! Also to MacKenzie for receiving a silver award in the Child Health Research Days Conference (MSc category).