Latest News

We are sad to say goodbye to Niel after spending a three-month postdoctoral exchange in our lab!

but were happy to see that not even Winnipeg winters can keep a South African away from their braai!

Dr. Drögemöller presents at the inaugural Canada Research Chairs symposium

This event featured presentations by twelve CRCs from across Faculties at Fort Gary and Bannatyne campuses

A great start to 2023, with the publication of our transcriptome-wide association study of polycystic ovary syndrome

Congratulations to Sarah for leading this project!

It is always fun to celebrate with this amazing group of people!

While we are sad that this will be MacKenzie’s last celebration as a member of the Drögemöller lab, we wish her all the best in her new position at the National Microbiology Lab!

Congrats to Deanne for being awarded a Rady Faculty of Health Sciences Graduate Studentship!

Deanne will be using scRNAseq to examine cisplatin-induced changes in gene expression that occur in the inner ear

Congratulations to MacKenzie for successfully defending her MSc Thesis!

You did an outstanding job and we are so proud of all the hard work you put into your MSc

Deanne and Feryal represent the Drögemöller Lab at the CancerCare Research Day!

They did an awesome job presenting on how polygenic risk scores can be used to predict chemotherapy-related adverse drug reactions!

Dr Drögemöller attends the University of Alberta Medical Genetics Research Day!

It was great to give a keynote presentation and have dinner with some of the trainees!

MacKenzie and Sarah represent the Drögemöller Lab at CSPT in Montreal!

Great to see them presenting at their first in person conference!

It has been a busy start to Deanne's MSc!

Great to see Deanne attend the Jax hearing workshop and spend a week with Drs. Alain Dabdoub and Emilia Luca at Sunnybrook Research Institute. Congrats for receiving funding from the NIH to attend the Jax course!