The first article from the Drögemöller Lab is out!

A great start to 2022, with the publication of our first article! Under the joint leadership of Danielle, MacKenzie and Sarah, we performed a systematic review and analysis of the current use of polygenic scores in pharmacogenomics

Some key find from this work are highlighted below:

  • The development of PGx PGS is limited by a lack of large PGx cohorts. To overcome these challenges current studies are using PGS derived from non-drug related phenotypes. Large PGx consortiums are required to overcome these sample size limitations.
  • A wide range of methods are currently being used to develop PGx PGS. Inconsistencies in reporting of methods complicates replication of findings. Future publications should adhere to PGS reporting standards:
  • A lack of representation of authors from across the globe is contributing to the lack of diversity in participants that are included in PGx PGS research. We need to do better as a global community to prevent this research from increasing already existing health disparities

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Britt Drögemöller
Assistant Professor
Canada Research Chair
in Pharmacogenomics and Precision Medicine